Kursk malt malt production company in Kursk region, Russia

Kursk malt malt production company in Kursk region, Russia

Kursk Malt malting house is located in Kursk Oblast which is a part of the Central Black Earth Region and used to belong to AB InBev as an affiliate and a part of the brewery. The affiliate was closed in 2012.

During the five years of its successful operation Russian brand Kursk Malt has gained an excellent reputation and has become well-known among the brewers. It became possible because the company management has always been focused on constant improvement of both the production process and the malt quality. A new roasting plant equipped with two Czech roasting drums was commissioned in 2016 and and allowed to offer a new line of special malt varieties of 20-140 EBC to clients.



We store grain
in small batches

An opportunity of creating malt with unique specification.

different types

We have two
independent production lines

Different varieties of malt are produced simultaneously without a risk of mixing them.


conditions of shipment

Shipment is made by trucks, rail cars, river and sea cargo vessels.

convenient packaging

Convenient packages

The facilities allow packaging into containers and bags.

Malt packaging

A new malt packaging area was commissioned in 2013.

Presently, malt is packed in 25 and 50 kg. (55 and 110 lb.) bags.


Quality control

certificate certificate



The laboratory personnel keep a close watch on each stage of malting starting from barley reception up to malt shipment.

Also, they perform quality control of grain on each truck at the reception area which allows to form homogeneous batches based on the barley variety and its specification.

Apart from that, samples from the steeping, germination and kilning areas are analyzed on the daily basis; the quality of produced malt is routinely checked as well.


An extended malt analysis in terms of the specification requirements is performed when a silo is filled completely.

Based on the received results malt batches are formed and blended afterwards with the following shipment in bags or in bulk.

Malt quality control is also performed at these stages together with the preparation of required shipment documents.


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