Grainrus Agro agricultural company.

Grainrus Agro agricultural company.

Agricultural business area comprises 101,000 ha land bank in the Kursk, Rostov, Ivanovo, Pskov, Yaroslavl and Kuban Regions, as well as the production of 6 crops, such as winter wheat, spring barley, corn, sunflower, soybean and rapeseed. The agricultural machinery fleet includes 400 units. We have 6 grain elevators with railway oilseed and grain crops loading and unloading stations. 24 hours a day, grain, oilseeds and pulses are sold from the elevators in the Kursk and Rostov Regions using road and railway transport.

The company operate on cultivated lands in Kursk, Medvenka, Zolotukhino, Schigry and Oboyan districts of Kursk Region since 2006. Currently, we occupy the 10th place in the Kursk region by the size of land bank.

Seed cultivation is one of our focus areas. We produce elite and high-quality seeds of both imported and domestic selection.

Dairy cattle breeding – is another focus area of the Company since 2007. Modern imported equipment along with healthy breeding cattle guarantee high indicators of milk quality at Company’s commercial dairy farm. Dairy production is represented by 2 farms in the Kursk Region with a number of fodder cows totaling 1,020. The greenhouses allow us to harvest up to 3,000 tonnes of cucumbers, up to 600 tonnes of tomatoes, and 18 tonnes of pepper. The greenhouse complex is intended for shorter crop rotation period.

Today, the production capacities of Grainrus Agro include elevator complexes for storing grain and oil crops in the Kursk region with a total capacity of up to 237,500 tons. 

The company has its own seed plant with a capacity of up to 15,000 tons/year. The plant produces seeds of imported and Russian breeds, including barley varieties: Despina, Explorer, and wheat Alekseich, Yuka, Grom, Torrild, Graf, Ethana, Protina, Hannah, Sigalia.

The company's infrastructure allows the shipment of agricultural products from its own railway terminals. In August 2019, in the village of Otreshkovo (Kursk region), the first stage of the elevator complex was put into operation for storage, acceptance and dispatch of grain, leguminous and oil crops with a capacity of up to 35,000 tons of grain per year. As part of the project, 2.5 km of its own railway lines were laid from the Otreshkovo railway station to the elevator complex. On railway tracks at the same time can accommodate up to 120 wagons. The shipment capacity of the grain elevator complex is up to 60 cars per day.

Over 13 years of work, export deliveries on the terms of FOB, DAP, CPT EXW have been carried out to 15 countries of the world, including countries of the European Union, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.


Business profile

Seed cultivation

  • Barley


  • Wheat

    Timiryazevka-150, Grom, Gomer, Soberbash, Etana.

Plant cultivation

Livestock breeding

Grainrus Agro (prev. Russian Barley, LLC) has been successfully developing dairy cattle husbandry at Kotelnikovo commercial dairy farm (in Oboyan District of Kursk Region) since 2007. The farm was commissioned in 2008.

The number of pure-born high-productive heifers of Holstein-Friesian cows from Hungary and Holland counts 550 cows and 580 heads of pure-born young cows of different ages.

The average daily productivity of one cow is 25-27 litres of milk.

  • Modern import equipment

  • Healthy animals

  • Closed processing cycle

  • A Team of professionals with serious experience in livestock breeding.
remote control

Quality control

Preliminary determination of quality parameters is carried out by the laboratory, where milk is analyzed for fat, protein, and somatic cell content.


Grainrus Agro

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