Grain terminal volga

Grain terminal volga

Volga grain terminal (a pier on the Volga bank) is a modern logistics hub in the Northwest region of the country. It was founded at the premises of Kinishemskaya Khlebnaya Baza No 14 (Kineshma Grain Storage) in 2002.

Grain storage is made in accordance with regulatory technical documentation requirements on keeping records of grain and products of its processing quantity and quality during the entire period of storage.

Grain reception and shipment is made from trucks, river and costal vessels and rail cars onto trucks.

freight train
cargo barge


Economically advantageous
location of the port

The grain terminal is located on the bank of the most important Russian river traffic artery. The economically advantageous location of the Kineshma port is determined by the fact that the navigation period for the river and costal vessels of up to 5,000 tons cargo capacity lasts from May until October. Thus, ships from the Western European countries including Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, etc. can be unloaded there. Also, it provides grain export opportunities.

Transshipment and storage
of protein-based products

The terminal is one of the few Russian enterprises which has facilities allowing transshipment of protein-based products. On top of it, the terminal has specialist warehouses for their storage.

Highly efficient
packaging area

Now, the capacity of the packaging area allows to pack 2,300 tons of grain a month.


Grain reception and storage

Grain aeration

Grain reception and shipment from/onto cargo vessels and rail cars

Grain packaging

Types of goods we deal with


Malt and hops

Feeding grain

Soybean meal

Packaging area

A warehouse with two malt packaging lines was commissioned in 2012.

Pilsner malt produced by Sophus Fuglsang (Denmark), Viking Malt (Finland and Sweden), Erfruter Malt (Germany), specialty 180-250 EBC malt, Munich malt (several varieties) along with wheat malt are packed there.

packing line

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