22 January 2021

Grainrus Agro acquired greenhouse comples for vegetable growing


On December 1, 2020, the leading producer of brewing raw materials Grainrus entered into a deal to acquire a 100% stake in the authorized capital of Agroindustrial Complex of Kursk NPP, LLC. As a result of the agreement, a greenhouse complex in the Kurchatovsky district of the Kursk region with the beneficial use of 12 hectares of land, which employs 175 employees, passed into the ownership of Grainrus Agro.

Grainrus Agro relies on environmental friendliness and rational use of resources. In this respect, the products from the Kurchatov greenhouses compare favorably with other greenhouse complexes. Here they grow an ecologically clean product (vegetables) on the ground, in natural light. There are only four such greenhouse complexes that have not switched to alternative cultivation options in Russia - in the Tambov, Bryansk and Belgorod regions.

Kurchatov greenhouses allow harvesting up to 3,000 tons of cucumbers, up to 600 tons of tomatoes, 18 tons of peppers. Greens are also grown here as an accompanying crop. The greenhouse complex is focused on a shortened crop turnover period.

We should note that since September Grainrus Agro began to acquire a land area of 4,545 hectares, thereby expanding the land holdings in processing in the Kursk region to 54,000 hectares.

To date, the production facilities of Grainrus Agro include elevator complexes for storing grain and oil crops in the Kursk region with a total capacity of up to 237,500 tons. The arable land area is 54,000 hectares on the territory of Medvensky, Zolotukhinsky, Shchigrovsky, Oboyansky and Kursk districts of the Kursk region. The main crops in the crop rotation are wheat, barley, soybeans, and corn. The agricultural machinery fleet includes 300 units of machinery from leading Russian and European manufacturers.

About the company:

Grainrus - trading and manufacturing company, has been producing and selling raw materials for brewing and distillation for more than 23 years. Other areas of the company's businesses are production, transshipment and storage of grain and oilseeds, grain trading. The company has a well-developed warehouse system - 12 warehouses are opened in Russia in different regions, which ensures prompt delivery of products to any part of the country. The company's infrastructure allows shipping agricultural products from its own railway terminals.