26 April 2021

The Grainrus Group of Companies has invested in alternative proteins market


The Grainrus Group of Companies has invested in Lever VC, an international venture capital fund with a focus on the alternative proteins market, including plant-based and cultured meat, fish, seafood, cheeses, yogurts. The fund's portfolio includes investments in The Better Meat Co, Good Planet Foods, TurtleTree Labs, The Good Spoon, Avant, Bond Pet Foods, Marvelous Foods, Mission Barns, and others.

“Alternative proteins are a unique simultaneous solution of completely different and multi-faceted challenges, including the problems of food shortages, imbalanced nutrition and sustainable development with a care for the environment, using various proteins of plant origin,” comments Vladislav Chernov, Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors.

The total size of the Lever VC fund is $50 million. Previously, managing partners have invested in the early stages of Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Eat Just, Memphis Meats, Geltor. Considering the intensification of healthy eating, sustainable development, animal welfare patterns in key regions, the plant-based proteins market could reach from 35 billion to 140 billion dollars by 2030, according to various studies.

"We see huge potential for the plant-based meat and dairy sector in Russia, and we are very pleased to be partnering with Grainrus as an investor and local partner in the Russian market. We love Grainrus' forward-thinking approach on alternative protein, and we expect our partnership to bring a lot of value to Lever VC's companies”, — Nick Cooney commented.

The Grainrus Group of Companies launches private equity and venture capital investments in cooperation with funds, development institutions, and strategic partners. The investment focus will be on both operationally profitable companies (private equity) and operationally unprofitable companies with great potential in the Seed+ / Series A stages in the market of food ingredients and alternative products.