19 March 2020

Opening of the Grainrus company warehouse in Krasnoyarsk!

    On the 25th of March, the opening of a new warehouse of the Grainrus company will take place in Krasnoyarsk.

    The opening of a new warehouse will enable the company's customers to significantly cut down transport and freight costs as well as to reduce delivery and landing time. This will become a compelling advantage of cooperation with the Grainrus company not only for large breweries but also for small private breweries and home brewers in the Siberian region.

    The warehouse is located on the territory of Krasnoyarsk Hladokombinat (cold-store complex) No.1 at the following address: room 9, suite 15, bldg. 3, 4 Televizornaya street, Krasnoyarsk. Telephone +7 (391)200-61-00.

    The warehouse will allow shipping of more than 200 goods for the brewing of Russian and foreign production in packaging from 1 kilogram to 50 kilograms. The malt will be shipped in bags weighing 25, 40, 50 kilograms in bulk or on pallets. The territory of the warehouse terminal allows accepting and unloading vehicles with a carrying capacity of more than 20 tons.

    The operating hours of the warehouse for a full run period: Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 17:00, lunch 12:00-13:00. Saturday and Sunday: days off. A permit system is in operation on the territory.

    The opening of the warehouse in Krasnoyarsk is an important step in the development of a network of warehouses and logistics terminals of the company. Grainrus has its own logistics terminals for receiving, storing and packaging raw materials for brewing with the possibility of supplying raw materials by river, sea, rail, road from its own elevator complexes, river ports and its own warehouses in 8 cities of Russia: Moscow region, Kursk, Kineshma, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok.