16 September 2020

Now on sale: Bruised and whole malt in 5 kg packaging!


    Now on sale: Bruised and whole malt in 5 kg packaging!

    Whole and bruised malt is on sale in 5 kg packaging. There are 5 types of malt from the Kursk Malt brand: Vienna Malt, Munich Type 2 Malt, Wheat Malt, Pale Ale and Light Malt.

    The malt is packed in transparent plastic bags. The malt crushing and packaging process is organized at the production facilities of the Volga Grain Terminal in Kineshma (Ivanovo region), owned by Grainrus.

    5 kg packaging of malt allows receiving up to 20 liters of beverage at the end of the process. The bruised malt is immediately ready for charging. The shelf life is up to 12 months.

    The Kursk Malt brand belongs to Grainrus and is well known among brewers. The assortment includes a large range of specialty malts in color from 20 to 1400 units.

    Grainrus is a trading and production company, the main areas of which are the import, production and sale of raw materials, crops and grain trading. The company has its own facilities for the production of grain and oil crops in the Kursk region, as well as malt houses and river terminals on the Volga river.