7 November 2022

Nominee of the III annual national award "Agroinvestor of the year - 2022"


Grainrus Group became a nominee of the III annual national award "Agroinvestor of the year - 2022"

Grainrus Group announced its participation in the "Launch of the Year" nomination. Launch of the Year is the completed construction or modernization of the enterprise, including the launch of a fundamentally new production, service or finished product for the agribusiness in 2022.

There are three categories, each of which will award one winner:

  • Launch of new production;
  • Services for the agro-industrial complex (AIC);
  • Implementation of technologies that increase production productivity.

The purpose of the "Agroinvestor of the Year" award is to popularize modern entrepreneurship in the AIC, to identify effective business models and attract attention to the brightest projects, entrepreneurs and company managers. The award gives the opportunity to objectively and worthily evaluate talented businessmen, company managers, investors and public figures operating in Russia, whose professionalism is the key to the successful development of the entrepreneurial environment. The exclusive methodology of the "Agroinvestor of the Year" award was developed by Trust Technologies (formerly PwC), which traditionally acts as the intellectual partner of the award.

The project of the unique in Russia industrial hop farm in Krasnodar Krai with the area of 186 hectares was nominated in the category "Launch of the Year".

In 2022, the first signal crop of 9 hop varieties was harvested, alpha acid tests were conducted, and the stated varietal characteristics were confirmed, taking into account climatic and geographical conditions. 

The project has a complete hop production cycle: from growing to granulation and vacuuming. As part of the project, trellises and anchors were installed, cables were stretched, soils were prepared for planting, and an irrigation system was created. European machinery and specialized equipment for planting seedlings, plant protection, harvesting up to 2000 vines have been purchased. The planned capacity of the project is 400 tons per year. 

The purpose of the project: The production of different varieties of hops, including bitter varieties with a high content of alpha acid. Reducing the dependence of domestic producers on imported raw materials for brewing, the share of which, according to some estimates, is up to 98%.