14 September 2021

Gluten-free beer: Customer feedback


We are glad to share the message from our partner, the Turkish division of the largest transnational beer and beer drinks manufacturer in the world.

Sales of gluten-free buckwheat malt beer in Turkey have surpassed all expectations. We are sharing a quote from a letter received by our foreign economic activity department, quote: “Consumers appreciated the gluten-free beer very highly. The product is well received by customers. We would like to capture this moment, which is important for the entire beer market in our country. We are grateful to Grainrus because we were able to achieve these results only together.”

For several years now, Grainrus has been supplying its own buckwheat malt under the Kursk Malt brand to breweries in Turkey.

In 2021, the supply of buckwheat malt increased more than 15 times, due to the very high demand for gluten-free buckwheat malt beer.

We are delighted to celebrate our joint success!