26 January 2017

The seasonality of business becomes conditional in the brewing industry


Last week, the brewer Sergey Matveyev made a trip to Ural to provide comprehensive consultation to the staff of the local brewery as part of service support.

At the stage of preparation for the spring-summer season, the brewery's management traditionally took care of optimizing costs at the stage of brewing beer. While maintaining the specified characteristics of the lager, it was possible to reduce the filling of malt for brewing, that is, to increase the extract. The processes of mashing and putting hops for brewing were optimized. The taste and aroma profile of the wort has improved, and the taste and aroma of the finished beer will improve during maturation.

The program of washing and disinfection of brewing equipment was revised using modern detergents based on BASF components.

The work of the staff was optimized. The time for some process operations has been reduced, for example, filtration of hot wort, determination of wort density, removal and storage of brewing yeast.

It is easy to calculate the savings to the brewery because it will amount to one car of pale malt per year!