Grain terminal on Volga.

Grain terminal on Volga.

We provide the entire
range of logistic services.


  • Storage
  • Grain aeration
  • Grain shipment


  • Kineshma
  • Syzran
  • Kursk

Shipment of up to 5,000 tons can be made from silo blocks in Syzran and in Kineshma with river/costal cargo ships.

Shipment from Kursk is made with rail cars to the Black, the Baltic and the Azov seaports.

Azerbaijan and Iran are the most perspective directions for the customers’ shipping grain along the river from Syzran’ in case the grain is delivered from the neighboring regions within 300 km (186 miles) area.

The location is especially favorable for the processing of malting barley, malt, and soybean meal coming from the EU.